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Robotics Process & Intelligence Automation
Accelerate Digital transform with DevOps
Video Streaming & Broadcasting Solutions
MMarug is a global leader in Media and Broadcasting,consulting, technology services and digital transformation.

MARUG is a new generation technology focused company in the field of media and Broadcasting. We also have pioneered the Integrated Automation, Moderation Services,Digital Advertising and Transforming Customer & Technical Support Experience. We acquire the latest advancements in our focus areas and optimize the resources available to deliver the best outcome for our clients in the long run, which in turn improves the top and bottom line of the businesses.

Our inherent management and domain strengths backed by a strong and responsive teams have built Marug as a well established and fast growing business. We follow a support-focused design and tool development process that reduces costs.

About Us
About Us

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Time is a critical factor when ideas have to transform to usable products. Keeping pace with the market...


Software QA &

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DevOps &
Cloud Services

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