Marug offers solutions for Media and broadcast domains. We product solution for Video Mixing, Video ingest, webRTCstreaming and video graphics. Our continuous focus on satisfying customer's need with simpler, elegant and cost effective solutions and prompt customer service has helped Marug establish itself and remain at the leading position in the market.


Product Engineering

Time is a critical factor when ideas have to transform to usable products. Keeping pace with the market demand can be quite a challenge if the team isn’t in place and equipped to handle the scale.

We engage clients with our world-class engineering minds, tools and automation methodologies across open source, enterprise, system integration and big data platforms. The team’s expertise spans technologies like Python, Ruby on Rails, Angular JS, Java, .Net, Sales force, Hadoop and Ad platform to name a few. Be it a SaaS product, mobile app development, portals or complex analytics we have built it all with ease to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Software QA & Automation

Quality is never an accident it’s a habit. Quality plays a very crucial role in a development lifecycle. It’s very important to keep this phase as transparent, automated and agile.

We have been innovating and re-engineering our testing automation process constantly to meet our clients and their product’s dynamic and agile nature. It’s a market need and we abide by it. Our front end UI and automation scripts help you customize, setup and run to generate test data, object management, reporting and App UT on the fly. The output results can be easily mapped to JIRA for traceability.



DevOps & Cloud Services

Siloed way of working on deployment and production tasks have become a thing of past. Due to the evolving business environment and the nature of the current products, teams are required to be integrated to build scale.

With in-depth knowledge on technologies like Puppet, Chef, Kubernetes, Jenkins, ServiceNow, Nagios, Logic Monitor, DataDog, AWS, DynamoDB, MySql and with proprietary tool OpMon, we successfully support our clients on L1, L2 & L3 deployment and production issues.

ERP Solutions

Marug specializes in catering to small and medium sized organizations worldwide with its Open Source ERP solutions. Every aspect of the ERP system is well integrated to suit the client’s needs. From planning to inventory control, manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, customer service and human resources every module is well integrated and maintained. The customized Opensource ERP software solutions at Marug are an imperative part of the company’s services. The Qualian ERP solution purges the requirement of installation of complex and several modules across the entire company unlike the existing available solutions in the market.'

Marug has positioned itself as a specialized ERP solution provider for manufacturing businesses .We provide a cost effective end-to-end business solution, thereby improving efficiency, service quality, and a substantial business advantage among your competitors.